All the benefits of connecting to our local network:
Having home Internet access is very important for a modern person. After all, cyberspace is work, entertainment, home encyclopedia, and communication. This is especially true in megacities, where the level of computerization and demand for such services is much higher. In this article we will talk about the benefits of connecting to the Internet through local networks.
Having access to the Internet is a must for any modern person. After all, in in cyberspace you can do anything - study, work, relax, take a selfie at INSTA and just chat with interesting people. All this is given achievements of modern technologies. In large cities, this is very relevant, because there is a higher level of computerization and implementation of technology in everyday life life.

Our local network 4SEASONS.NET.UA is always ready to provide a modern connection fiber optic IP network. This method is different from other possible ones as follows: 1. Stable communication and high speed - up to 1000 Mbps (in contrast from Dial-Up, where the maximum connection speed rarely exceeds 40-60 Kbps, and communication with the provider is constantly cut off); 2. Mandatory connection to the PBX (unlike ADSL technology, where connection is carried out only on a specially equipped telephone line); 3. Affordable cost of connecting and using the Internet (unlike radio and mobile Internet, which are several times more expensive).

In addition, the dedicated Internet line from 4SEASONS.NET.UA is also a lot of additional advantages: 1. Connect in a short time for a reasonable price. 2. Convenient and profitable tariffs that will suit any user. 3. A large number of additional options and additions - archives of movies, music, programs, ebooks and more. Visitors can order the most popular network games, communication (forums, chats), mail server, service computers. 4. Many forms of payment, among which you will find the best.

Internet provider 4SEASONS.NET.UA provides its customers with more than just affordable and high-speed access to cyberspace. Here you get the opportunity meet and communicate with other people, participate in special events and offers, and win prizes! However, our company is not only engaged in providing internet access. We are well aware of the importance of the participation of representatives business in social projects and therefore conclude special agreements on cooperation with district administrations in which connection work has already been established houses to the fiber-optic IP network. At the current stage of development 4SEASONS.NET.UA according to with contracts with operating organizations undertakes to exercise control over exits to the roof and attics of residential buildings, which are often used indirectly appointment or with gross violations. After the organization of a fiber-optic network on At the district level, the company's management provides for the implementation of several social initiatives, implementation of which will improve the quality of our lives fellow citizens

We look forward to seeing you among our users and we will do our best to provide an unsurpassed level of service.