Network equipment

List of recommended devices (routers, smart set-top boxes)

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Dedicated IP

У мережі є можливість надання "білої" айпі адреси

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Problems with PC? Is the Internet slow? Need video surveillance?

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TV Omega ТV*, DivanTV, Megogo

This is exactly what is needed for a modern digital home and we have it !

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Download IPTV Player to watch on PC [here]

To watch on Smart TV, install the applications Omega TV or Divan TV, or PeersTV(Samsung), or SS IPTV(LG)

Android OS based devices: DIVAN TV [here]



*Provided on the basis of an agreement with Omega TV LLC , № 1 / 04-12-18 from 04 Dec 2018  

  • Availability of home Internet access for modern people are quite important. After all, virtual space is work, entertainment, home encyclopedia, and communication with interesting people. This is especially true in megacities, where the level of computerization and demand for such services is much higher. In this article we will talk about the benefits of connecting to the Internet over local networks. "
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